Chapter 13. Footpaths

Chapter 13. Footpaths

Although the parish is extremely rural, there are only three recognised rights-of-way footpaths, under the 1976 Definitive Map. The Roman road path (247002) leads in a north-westerly direction from the west end of the village along the line of the Roman Road to Maryport, but only as far as the Dovenby Craggs-Broughton minor road. Its continuation through the Dovenby Hall estate is not a path and indeed is no longer visible. Unfortunately the first part of this path runs in a depression between the land on either side and as a consequence is almost a stream for much of the year. It appears never to have been taken into ownership and as waste land presumably belongs to the Lord of the Manor. In the 1990’s this was a gentleman in Singapore who had bought the Lordship (such are frequently sold by the London auction houses but are purely decorative). There was correspondence between him and the Parish Council but nothing came of it.

The other very popular path is along the river bank, (247003) which runs from the back lane between Cedar Lodge and Braeside. The path continues to Great Broughton. The two paths can be linked by those on the other side of Broughton Beck which runs from the river through to Priest’s Bridge, but falling in Broughton Parish for almost all of its length. (218025, 218026).

Finally the short grass path between Papcastle House corner and Lynwood is also a footpath (247005).

The Parish Council usually organise a parish boundary walk in June of each year, carrying necessary equipment such as secateurs to clear back excessive growth over the path.

There is no open access land in the parish under the The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, “Right-to-Roam”.


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