Appendix 4. Trustees of the Village Hall

Appendix 4. Trustees of the Village Hall


Gordon Bateson, Bank Manager
John White, Manager of Iron & Steel Works
Rev. Alfred Sutton , Vicar of Bridekirk
James Thornley, Gentleman
Rev William Sharp, Vicar of Isel

The Deed setting up this trust included the essential rules for the use of the Reading Room (see Appendix 3 above)


1940: Charity Commission Scheme
Joseph Eden, Local Government Officer
Ralph Collis (chauffeur, to the Waughs)
George Nelson, Local Government Officer
James Wakefield, Rate Collector
Rev Alexander Hodges (of Chinnock, Papcastle)
Frank Kemp, Retired timekeeper


1975: Revival
Eric Apperley
Tom Burns
Dorothy Hargreaves
Jean Wilkinson
Alice Todhunter
Len Carrington
Sydney Hutchinson
Frank Stonehouse
Paul Duberry


Peter Broad (Chair)
Mike Apperley
Jim Pickthall
Robert Jackson
David Rushton
John Burrows
Carol Henderson
Jane Morgan
John Lightfoot
Debbie Rushton (minutes)


Appendix 5. Parish Administration