The Group is extremely grateful to the many villagers who have supplied information. In particular, Mary Strong and Robert Jackson, who have spent all their lives in the village, have provided many of the old photographs. Most of the modern photographs have been taken by Greg Greenhalgh and Eric Apperley.

The following have allowed us to peruse the older deeds relating to their properties

Jane Berrill The Grove 1774-1963
Peter Donaghy Oak & Nutwood’s Cottages 1732-1987
John Eldred Westworth 1775-1978
Greg Greenhalgh Cedar Lodge 1877-1985
Robert Jackson Lynwood 1841-1970
Brian Watson Papcastle House 1701-1868
Frank Rushton The Manor House 1759-1920
Elsie Mavir Beech House 1774-1978

The Cockermouth (Kirkgate) Museum Group have been of considerable assistance, particularly Aline Elliott and Gloria Edwards for significant background material, documents and photographs about the families recorded in Chapter 8.
Our thanks are also due to the following for permission to use material from various sources:-
Susan Fleming for the painting on the front cover;
David & Charles – for photographs of Bullgill and Dovenby Stations, taken from Marshall and Davies-Shiel “Industrial Archaeology of the Lake Counties”;
Peter Robinson for photographs and extract from their database from the Cumbrian Railways Association Photo Library;
West Cumberland Times and Star various newspaper cuttings;
Mary Bradbury for photographs from her husband’s publications about the area;
Patrick Hutchinson believed to be the originator of photographs of date stones
in the village;
Raymond Day for the drawing of the beehive quern;
Roger Savage for aerial photograph of the Papcastle Diversion 1991;
CWAAS for the aerial photograph of the site of the Roman fort;
National Archives for the use of the letter to Sir Charles Napier, 1841


Part 2.  General Follow Up and Recent Developments